Accreditation and Standards

Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) is a duly recognized and accredited educational institution both locally and internationally. (Please see: Accreditation page). It is a non-stock, non-profit Christian educational institution duly operated by Filipino nationals.  It is the first Philippine educational institution that provides TESOL/TEFL training to Filipino and foreign nationals.  It  has been offering TESOL/TEFL Certificate Course since 2004. Its TESOL/TEFL certificates are recognized worldwide by various ESL employers (language schools, universities and colleges) and just recently, it received accreditation and recognition from TESDA Philippines (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) under TVET Program Registration NTR No. 201607020087. Its pool of hundreds of TESOL/TEFL graduates (both Filipinos and foreigners)  who are now working as ESL teachers or administrators in various countries such as China, Japan,  Vietnam, Thailand, Taiwan, Hongkong, Philippines, USA, UK, Europe, the Carribean and the Middle East is a track record in itself.  It believes in the Filipinos' ability and gifting to teach English wherever they are located in the world. 
It maintains quality admission standards (please see: Admission Requirements - TESOL/TEFL). Not all applicants are accepted.  It's trainors are all experienced and licensed English teachers and global members of TESOL International Association, USA, the authority in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL).  It has real physical campus in Cebu City, Philippines and provides Teaching Practice (for a fee) to those who need it.
The public should be careful about a lot of TESOL/TEFL providers as some of them can be found in the internet alone without a real physical school campus to speak (fly by night).  Some providers provide training for one day or 3 days in a hotel or restaurant and expect the participants to be teachers of English already. We all know that teaching is also a skill and for skills to be acquired, one needs time and practice. These providers boast of themselves to be accredited by certain international accrediting association which they themselves organized to accredit themselves and their virtual course.   Currently, the TESOL/TEFL course is unregulated internationally.  According to ESL TEACHERS BOARD TESOL, TEFL AND CELTA FORUM, there is no credible international accrediting association for TESOL/TEFL course as of this writing that is truly independent, genuine and international.   TESOL International Association, USA, which is known to be the authority of TESOL, does not even provide accreditation to its members.
Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) offers TESOL/TEFL Certificate Course on the basis of its being an 'international school' duly recognized and accredited locally and internationally and recently on the basis of its accreditation and recognition from TESDA Philippines under TVET Program Registration NTR No. 201607020087.   Its TESOL/TEFL graduates are now employed as ESL teachers or administrators in various countries such as Vietnam, China, Thailand, Hongkong, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, The Carribean, USA, UK, Europe and the Middle East.  The course is accredited and recognized in the Philippines by TESDA (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) Philippines.