Admission Requirements/Procedures for ESL Courses


1) Prospective student fills up Enrollment Form ONLINE through this school's website:  by clicking "ENROLL NOW" on the left side of this page, then fill up the necessary information and data and click 'Submit'.
2) Submit the following requirements via e-mail to the Admission Office upon enrollment
2.1  1 pc. 2X2 ID coloured picture (scanned copy or hard copy)
2.2  Photocopy of Passport for international student  
3) School admission officer gives student a notice of acceptance either orally, in writing or via e-mail.
4) Student  pays School Fees to the School Cashier or through the school's bank account via fund transfer at least 1 month before expected departure date or earlier:
Account Name: Harvest Christian School International
Savings Account Number: 099-2-09900528-3
Bank Address: M.J. Cuenco Ave. , Mabolo, Cebu City,Philippines 6000 SWIFT CODE: MBTCPHMM
(Please inform the school via e-mail of the deposit/transfer made for confirmation. The student or sender shall shoulder all correspondent bank charges. Hence, sender should ask first his/her bank of possible bank charges and any correspondent bank charges in sending the amount via fund transfer. The amount of money to be credited or received by the school's bank must be the exact amount. Official Receipt will be issued later. Please keep a copy of your deposit slip or transfer slip.)
5) School representative meets the ESL student at the Mactan-Cebu International Airport and bring him/her directly to the Homestay host or the school’s Guest House or Homestay Host.
6) Student secures Special Study Permit (SSP) from local immigration office within one week of study in the school. The school will assist student to secure his/her SSP from the local immigration office for a separate processing fee of Php 2,880.00  plus around Php 7,040.00 for SSP filing and registration fees with the Bureau of Immigration. 


Japan Contact Address:
   Mitsuko Kaneko, Education Counsellor
   c/o MIRAI Navigation
   Address(1)... Yokohama@KANAGAWA, Japan
   Address(2)... Kisarazu@CHIBA, Japan
   E-mail address:
   Inquiry... 10:00-15:00 (except Sundays and national holidays)
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