1. Be respectful to your host or host family.

2. Obey curfew rules: Mondays to Fridays = 10:00pm, Sat. and Sundays = 11:00pm. If, for some reasons, you may not be able to come home on the curfew time, please inform your host via landline phone or mobile phone ahead of time.

3. Visitors are not allowed during Mondays to Fridays. You may entertain visitor during Saturdays and Sundays but only at the Living Room. Visitors are not allowed in the Bedroom. All visitors must have a prior permission from the host.

4. All Homestay Accommodation Fees must be paid in full before check-in.   Homestay Accommodation Fees paid are not refundable.

5. The homestay house is a Non-Smoking home hence ‘No Smoking’ is required inside the house and in the room.

6. Intoxicating liquors or alcoholic beverages and cigarettes/illegal drugs are not allowed to be carried or possessed by the guest inside the house or bedroom.

7. Weapons such as guns, ranger’s/hunting knives or any deadly equipment are not allowed to be possessed or carried by the guest outside or inside the house or inside the bedroom.

8. Pornographic and subversive materials of any kind are not allowed to be brought inside the house or inside the bedroom.

9. Don’t mess your room. Keep your bed/bedroom and toilet/bathroom cleaned at all time. Put all your trash to the trash can. Any damages caused by the guest will be charged to his/her account.

10. Since you are living together with other occupants/persons in one room, the guest is required to be free from bad body or underarm odor by putting up body or underarm deodorant or deodorizer. Toiletries such as soap, shampoo and toothpaste are at the expense of the guest; if there is any given – it is out of the generous heart of your host. Since this is a shared accommodation, always respect the rights of other guests.

11. For your safety, always get the host’s permission when you get out from the house to go around the city, to the malls, movies, beach resorts or other places. Leave your cell number with the host in case you get lost.
12. Going outside (malls, movies, beach resorts, city tour, island hopping, etc.) is at your own risk, the host is not responsible for you safety outside the house. You may invite anybody from any member of the host family to accompany you outside but at your expense for the transportation or meals or entrance fees that might be incurred outside the house.

13. For guests who are minors (below 18 years old), the host acts as your guardian if agreed with parents; rules of conduct while at the boarding/guest house should be followed.

14. Do not leave your valuables (money, jewelries, etc.) unattended inside the bedroom.

15. When not using the bedroom, always put off the airconditioning unit.
16. Rise up early before breakfast.
       Breakfast time: Monday – Friday: 6:30 to 7:00 am
       (School service leaves between 7:01 to 7:20 am)
       Breakfast time: Saturday & Sunday: - 7:30 - 8:30 am
      (Three meals: breakfast, lunch and dinner is free but snacks are not.)

17. The homestay host normally serves good or delicious Filipino foods. In a Homestay program, the guest eats whatever is eaten or provided by the host. The guest cannot choose a specific menu or food item; he/she can however make some suggestion to the host directly. Only breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided by the host. Snacks or snacks items are for the expense of the guest; if there is any given – it is out of the generous heart of your host. If the guest wants to cook his/her food, he/she may do so but at his/her own additional expense.

18.The guest is responsible for his/her own health. All
medical/hospitalization bills and medicines if he/she got sick are for the personal expenses of the guest. It is advised that the guest should cover himself/herself with adequate health insurance to cover for whatever sickness or disease and hospitalization that may occur during his/her stay.
19. Internet access is free through the host wi-fi (wireless connection) but for a limited time only for access of e-mails or research. Please allow others to use the internet also. Pornographic sites are not allowed to be accessed in the internet through the host computers or through the guest’s laptop computer.

20. If student needs a personal tutor during evening or Saturday, he/she may ask it from the host. The personal tutorial services after class hours are charged with separate fees.

21. The host is your second family; so, please feel at home.

                                                                            FROM THE HOMESTAY HOST