The TESOL/TEFL Certificate course of HCSI is a 120-hour course. It is designed to develop the teaching skills of the participant-student.  It has two (2) main components: language skills and teaching skills. The school has adopted three (3) types of TESOL/TEFL training: the on-site training, the online/distance course training and the tesol-combo training. On-site trainings are conducted in the premises of Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) in Cebu City, Philippines while the online/distance course training is done at the home or workplace of the student at his/her own pace. The online/distance course training is offered because of the difficulty of some participants to attend and complete the course in an on-site environment as most of them are working professionals. Enrollment in the online/distance course training is anytime during the year. After completing all course module requirements, the participant-student will then be given a TESOL Certificate by Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) either in the school or in the mail. The tesol-combo training is a combination of online training and actual teaching hands-on/practice. Since its first offering in 2004, the school had already produced hundreds of TESOL/TEFL graduates who are now ESL teachers or administrators of schools in various countries such as Vietnam, Taiwan, China, Korea, Japan, Thailand, Hongkong, USA, UK, Europe and the Middle East.  HCSI is the leading internationally recognized TESOL/TEFL certificate provider in the Asia-Pacific Region with real physical campus in Cebu City, Philippines and just recently, it was given accreditation by TESDA Philippines (Technical Education and Skills Development Authority) under TVET Program Registration NTR No. 201607020087.

HCSI has three (3) types of TESOL/TEFL Certificate training. They are:
1. Onsite/In-campus training - This is a TESOL/TEFL  training course done in the physical campus of Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) in Mabolo, Cebu City, Philippines.  The course is taught by experienced and licensed English teachers/trainors of HCSI.  Holding of the Onsite/In-campus training would depend on the achievement of  twelve (12) minimum number of participants.
2. Online/Distance Course Training - This training is done at home or  workplace of the student at his/her own pace through the internet.   This type of course training is offered because of the difficulty of some participants to attend and complete the course in an onsite environment for reason of time and distance as most of them are working professionals.  Generally, the REGULAR online/distance training which is equivalent to 120 hours should be finished within  three (3) months.  Since the training is modular in nature, the pace is up to the student.   However, students are required to complete the course within THREE (3) MONTHS  from receipt of the first batch of modules otherwise the fee will be forfeited and he/she will re-enroll again and pay the same amount if ever he/she will continue it after three (3) months.
For this kind of training, the school provides also an avenue to those who are in a hurry - EXPRESS LANE for one (1) month duration  and to those who have not much time and would like to finish it at their own pleasure within six (6) months - LAISSEZ FAIRE.  Both Express Lane and Laissez Faire should be finished within their required months duration.
Start of class of this type of program is EVERY WEDNESDAY OF THE WEEK.  
3. Tesol/Tefl - Combo Training  -  This type of training is a combination of Online/Distance Course Training plus actual teaching hands-on/practice in the physical campus of HCSI or HCSI accredited educational institutions.  Actual teaching hands-on/practice is thirty six (36) hours to include teaching observation, lesson preparation/planning, actual teaching and teaching demonstration before a panel.
NOTE:  Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) is not a recruitment agency promising teaching jobs abroad though it provides placement/career guidance to its TESOL/TEFL graduates like other educational institutions.
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