Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) welcomes you to its website. It is our desire that after browsing thoroughly the site, you will gain preliminary understanding of who we are and why we exist as a school. It is not by chance that you are able to visit this site. God has always a way to lead His people on the choice of school for their children. Foundation years are crucial stage on the lives of our children as these years have great impact in their adulthood. In todays internet and facebook generation where our children are exposed into a lot negative influences and pressure, we as parents should double our efforts to counter these external pressures and one way to counter these pressures is through studying in Christian Schools.   In his article in Christian School Comment of ACSI (Association of Christian School International), Brian S. Simmons, President, wrote: "The sum total of the daily decisions we make determines the direction of our lives. Often these decisions also influence the lives of countless others. As parents, we make the most important decisions for our children while they are young. Eventually this decision-making responsibility transitions to our children. Ultimately, our goal as parents is that our grown children will be responsible adults who make good decisions—God-honoring decisions beneficial for them and for others. ... Decisions are a vital part of the fabric of life, and the decisions leaders make have profound influence on others’ lives. The Creator entrusts parents with the care of His children. As His stewards parents make one of the most important decisions when they choose where to send their children to school during those formative years, when children hopefully learn to make good decisions on their own."

We pray that you will be guided in your decision in choosing a school for your children.  Harvest Christian School International (HCSI) is here to help you train and develop your children in the ways God wants them to be. The Word of God has never been wrong and if we obey them, we can be assured that we will not be wrong of our decision.

Pastor Arturo N. Tangal, CPA
School Director

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